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Q: Will we meet with the musicians before our event?

A: We offer unlimited phone and email consultations for no additional charge to assist you in planning the music for your event. For an additional fee, one member of the ensemble can be contracted to attend a rehearsal for up to one hour.


Q: What will the musicians provide and what will we need to provide at the event?

A: The musicians will provide the sheet music, the music stands, and beautiful music! You will need to arrange for one armless chair for each musician and adequate light and space. If the wedding is outdoors, we require shade from direct sunlight and water.


Q: Will the musicians play outdoors?

A: The musicians will play outdoors provided that the weather conditions are acceptable. Unsatisfactory conditions include temperatures under 60 degrees, over 90 degrees in the shade, rain or excessive humidity, excessive wind, and any other conditions that either impede the musicians’ ability perform or put their instruments in danger of being damaged. The instruments must also be protected from direct sunlight by a tent or another mutually agreed upon source of shade. You should have an alternative indoor location available in the event of weather complications. While these outdoor requirements may sound restrictive, we have had very few instances where we were unable to accommodate an outdoor wedding. The temperature requirements stated are necessary for the safety of our instruments, but are also for the enjoyment of your guests! If the temperature is below 60 degrees or warmer than 95 degrees, your guests will not be comfortable either!! If you have any questions or concerns about these requirements, please feel free to talk with us and we can talk about other options.



Q: What if you don’t have a certain musical piece that I want played at my event?

A: Music selections are limited to that which is contained in our current extensive repertoire. A list can be emailed if necessary. Music selections outside of our repertoire and other special arrangements may be purchased if available for string trio. If a piece is not available for string trio we can have the music arranged for a fee of up to $100.00 per song. If we feel a certain piece will not work for the selected ensemble, we will let you know.



Q: Will any of the musicians be students?

A: All of the musicians are professional, experienced, classically trained musicians who perform locally in orchestras and other ensembles. We do not hire student level performers. We feel it is important to have musicians that are experienced with playing weddings and are comfortable with our music arrangements and making timing decisions during the ceremony.


Q: What will the musicians wear?

A: Our standard attire for weddings and formal events is tuxedo for men and formal but conservative black for women. Rarely, we do get a request for more casual dress. Let us know what you would prefer.


Q: When will the musicians arrive for my event?

A: The musicians will usually arrive between 30 minutes prior to the start of the prelude time. The set-up time for a classical group is minimal. We will arrive in ample time to get set-up and meet with your wedding coordinator to iron out any last minute details.


Q: What is the setup time for the musicians and should we take that into account when deciding on the hiring time?

A: The setup time is minimal. It may take less than 5 minutes. The only possible delays are if there is a question about where we should set up or if the chairs are not provided by the venue as requested. Things run very smoothly if you discuss ahead of time the location of the group. The musicians should be in an area with adequate space and light, out of the way of guests/wedding party/wait staff. They should be in a position to see as much of the processional route as possible in the case of a ceremony. You do not need to worry about setup time in considering hiring length. We will arrive in time to start playing at the time you hire us for.


Q: Do the musicians require a source of electricity?

A: Generally, no. As long as there is adequate lighting provided, no source of electricity is needed.


Q: How will the musicians know when to begin the processional music?

A: If you have a wedding coordinator, he/she will take care of letting us know when everyone is ready. Some times a clergy person or Justice of the Peace might let us know when everyone is ready. It is a good idea to assign the job to someone to let us know when everyone is in the wings ready to begin the processional.


Q: How will the musicians know when to change pieces during the processional?

A: We will inquire as to the number of mothers, bridesmaids, etc. and will change pieces when it is appropriate. Occasionally, a wedding coordinator will cue us for each change. However, this is not required. We have played many weddings and are generally used to how things work. Please make sure to inform us of any special circumstances for your event.


Q: How will the musicians know when to play music during the ceremony and for the recessional?

A: We will discuss with you ahead of time where you want music and will work out any necessary cues and details with the clergy person or Justice of the Peace when we arrive prior to the ceremony.


Q: Is it necessary for the musicians to be in contact with the clergy person/Justice of the Peace prior to the event day?

A: No. We will work out all details when we arrive prior to the event.


Q: How long before the ceremony should the prelude music begin?

A: You should hire the musicians to begin playing between 15-30 minutes prior to start time depending on your preference and when you think guests will arrive at the location.


Q: Where should the musicians be located during a ceremony or event?

A: The musicians should be in an area with adequate space and light, out of the way of guests/wedding party/wait staff. They should be in a position to see the as much of the processional route as possible in the case of a ceremony. Please consult your church/venue for specific restrictions. For example, some churches don’t want musicians at the altar. It is best to discuss any concerns with us. We often assess the situation upon arrival and find the best location.


Q: Our family member or friend is a singer and we would like you to accompany him/her during the ceremony. Is this possible?

A: It is possible. It is important that we make sure we have music that works for the selected ensemble that is the same arrangement and in the same key as the one the singer is accustomed to. You would need to send us a copy of the music for us to assess whether or not it will work as is. If the piece will need some arranging, this may require an extra fee. If the style is inappropriate for the ensemble, we will let you know. Also-it is recommended and sometimes required that you set up a rehearsal for the singer and musicians on the day of the event prior to the contracted start time. If we are going to accompany someone we are unfamiliar with, it is important for the musicians to hear how the singer is interpreting the song and for the singer to get used to performing with the ensemble. There is an additional fee for the required rehearsal time.


Q: Will the musicians come to the wedding rehearsal?

A: No. The musicians don’t need to attend the rehearsal unless you have specified this service on your contract. A member of the ensemble is available to attend the rehearsal for up to one hour for an additional fee.


Q: I would like to hire the Queen City Ensemble. What should I do next?

A: Email or call us with the following information:

Event Type Event Date Event Location Music Start Time Actual Ceremony Start Time Ensemble of Choice (Trio or additional instrumentation, if desired) Your Personal Contact Information (Address, phone and e-mail) When we receive this information, we will send out the contract for you to complete and return with a deposit. Once this is completed, your date and time will be saved.


Q: What is the amount of deposit you require?

A. The deposit is $150.00 and is non-refundable and is applied to the full amount.


Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: We accept cash, personal checks, and money orders.


Q: Do you provide announcements as would a DJ ?

A: No, the musicians do not make announcements.